ShoreMax Transition Mat

ShoreMax® Transition Mats

Protect Highly Erosive Areas

ShoreMax® Transition Mats provide cost-effective erosion protection from turbulent water flow and moderate wave attack in highly erosive areas such as shoreline transition zones, channel bottoms, pipe outlets, and outfalls.

As a flexible revetment system, it can provide soft armoring on shorelines and spillway applications where wave attack can reach critical stages. Fully UV-stabilized, this unique armoring solution dramatically elevates permissible shear stress and velocity protection when combined with a Turf Reinforcement Mat (TRM) or other underlayments.

What Makes ShoreMax An Effective Erosion Control System?

Effective for High Scour Areas

The ShoreMax® Transition Mat is a smart option to replace rock in high scour areas such as pipe outlets.

Simple to Install

The ShoreMax® Mat and TRM underlayment are installed over prepared seeded soil and secured into place with fasteners.

Additional Uses

ShoreMax® can also be used for slope drains typically associated with parking lots, roadways, mines, and landfills.

Additional Features

  • Install easily over difficult topography
  • Prevents floating or uplifting in submerged conditions due to its non-buoyancy
  • Facilitates vegetation growth through voids in the mat
  • Requires no heavy equipment for installation
  • Safer for pedestrian and vehicle traffic than hard armor materials
ShoreMax® Transition Mats

Product Details

Flexible, UV-stabilized ShoreMax® Transition Mats protect highly erosive areas, including shoreline transition zones, channel bottoms, pipe outlets, and outfalls.


Specification Sheet,

ShoreMax® Transition Mat Technical Specifications

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