Biogas Collection Covers

Biogas Collection Covers

Fuel Your Renewable Future By Capturing Valuable Biogas.

In an age of growing concern about climate change, biogas as a sustainable energy resource is being increasingly used. You can harvest valuable biogas from your digester with a Layfield-installed gas collection cover and enjoy the captured alternative energy benefits. Biogas covers prevent methane escape, reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses, and help meet stringent government regulations.

Our biogas covers are prefabricated with ballasting weights, speeding up installation and eliminating problems with broken weight straps, which are common in alternative cover types. We also offer insulated versions which help maintain consistent temperatures throughout the anaerobic treatment process. Biogas is in endless supply — we can help you reap the benefits of this sustainable energy source.

Why Consider A Biogas Collection Cover?

Meet Increased Regulatory Demands

Producers are increasingly relying on lagoon anaerobic digesters to meet strict reduction requirements in methane release.

Energy from Waste

Biogas, when purified, can be pumped directly into the natural gas grid for use in homes or compressed into a fuel.

Offers a Sustainable Solution

Biogas systems protect our air, water, and soil by recycling organic waste into renewable energy.

Additional Features

  • Designed to function in any climate, under any condition
  • Controls odors caused by methane gas release
  • Produces a nutrient-rich sludge that can be watered down into fertilizer
  • Reduces the amount of organic materials sent to the landfill
  • UV stabilized for longevity
Biogas Collection Covers


Dairy farms and livestock operations use anaerobic digesters to produce biogas from manure and used bedding material.

Food Processors

Anaerobic digesters are used as a component to waste treatment processes, and the biogas collected generates electricity at their facilities.


Biogas can be collected from the waste stream in winemaking.

Product Details

Layfield’s innovative Biogas Collection cover is your best choice for agriculture and wastewater methane collection.


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Enviro Liner® 6000 Technical Specifications

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High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Technical Specification

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