Defined Sump Floating Covers

Defined Sump Floating Covers

Economical Protection For The Largest Of Ponds

Defined sump floating covers offer an economical solution that outperforms, no matter the conditions. Ideal for larger floating cover applications, a defined sump system is the most versatile and can be adapted to almost any application.

A defined sump floating cover uses floats and weights to create rainwater collection sumps and to accommodate water level fluctuations. This allows for the unique ability to accommodate the influence of wind and rain. As the edges of the cover are weighted, they remain in direct contact with the surface of the water, preventing wind from lifting the cover and causing damage. Rainwater removal pumps move precipitation off the cover, preventing it from overtopping or causing ice formation.

Why Choose a Defined Sump Cover?

Adapts to Water Level Fluctuations

Designed to rise and fall to accommodate changes in reservoir water levels.

Contamination Protection

Reduces chemical demand and improves water quality by preventing rainwater and debris from entering the pond.

Promotes Evaporation Control

Offers complete evaporation control due to its 100% surface coverage.

Additional Features

  • Blocks sunlight preventing algae and duckweed blooms
  • Prevents dilution of chemicals from excessive rainfall
  • It is possible to walk on some covers for easy maintenance
  • Can be inflated for inspection and cleaning
  • A premium cover design with up to a 20-year service life
Defined Sump Floating Covers

Potable Water Containment

Long-lasting and low-maintenance defined sump floating covers protect our most valuable resource, reducing the need for disinfection chemicals by blocking the sun’s rays while protecting against evaporation and contamination from debris.

Floating Tank Covers

A defined sump floating cover in a tank application help to control odors, reduce evaporation, and prevent dilution of the tank contents.

Gas Collection

Using a defined sump floating cover system, you can capture biogas as a renewable energy source.

Product Details

ALayfield’s Defined Sump Cover designs, installation techniques, and inspection/maintenance protocols meet local regulations’ requirements, such as the AWWA M25 Lining and Floating Cover Guidelines and AWWA California-Nevada Reservoir Floating Cover Guidelines.


Specification Sheet

HypaFlex® CSPE Technical Specification

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