Evaporation Control Covers

Evaporation Control Covers

Protect Every Drop Of Your Water Supply From Evaporation

An evaporation control cover can be a cost-effective solution in regions where water is scarce and expensive. Floating cover systems eliminate evaporation by preventing the dry ambient air from contacting the water in a pond, reservoir, or tank. A floating cover can also prevent wind-induced evaporation.

Your bottom line will benefit from lightweight evaporation control covers, which are a variation of the defined sump style covers. The particular arrangement of floats and weights also makes it an economical option for algae control. Protect your resources from environmental factors.

What Are The Advantages Of An Evaporation Control Cover?

Keeps Contaminants Out

Evaporation covers adjust with water level fluctuations and prevent sand and wind-blown debris from entering the pond.

Provides Algae Control

By blocking sunlight, the cover prevents the growth of algae and other water plants.

Controls Odor Release

Evaporation covers reduce odors by controlling the release of odor-causing substances into the environment.

Additional Features

  • Prevents the growth of algae in storage and treatment ponds
  • Rainwater on the cover is returned to the pond underneath
  • Prefabricated with lightweight materials to reduce costs
Evaporation Control Covers

Product Details

Layfield’s Evaporation control cover is an inexpensive option to prevent the loss of precious water from ponds.


Specification Sheet

Enviro Liner® 1000 Technical Specifications

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