Tensioned Floating Covers

Tensioned Floating Covers

Reliable, Low-Maintenance Potable Water Protection

Protect your valuable resources with low-maintenance, cost-effective solutions. You can’t afford to let your water protection fail; choose a tried and tested cover, one that protects time and time again.

Tensioned Floating Covers go beyond the floats and weights system, using mechanical tensioners located in specific intervals around the pond’s perimeter to maintain the tension in the cover and keep it in place. The tensioners pull a fold into the cover as the water rises, maintaining tension during fluctuations in water level. This process also creates a sump in the relaxed outer cover perimeter, allowing stormwater to be easily diverted off the cover through a drainage system and preventing damage from possible ice.

What Distinguishes Tensioned Floating Covers From Similar Products?

Tensioners Are Reusable

Tensioners can often be reused after replacing the cover.

Manages All-Weather Precipitation

The tensioned cover design diverts stormwater off the cover through a drainage system in the outer perimeter, making it less susceptible to ice formation.

Promotes Evaporation Control

Offers complete evaporation control due to its 100% surface coverage.

Additional Features

  • Tensioned Floating Covers are one of the most reliable cover systems
  • The main panel of the cover is flat and easily cleaned
  • Blocks sunlight preventing algae and duckweed blooms
  • Prevents dilution of chemicals from excessive rainfall

Potable Water Containment

Reliable and low-maintenance tensioned floating covers protect your most valuable resource, reducing the need for disinfection chemicals by blocking the sun’s rays while protecting against evaporation and contamination from debris.

Floating Tank Covers

A tensioned floating cover in a tank application help to control odors, reduce evaporation, and prevent dilution of the tank contents.

Odor Control

Tensioned covers control odors from wastewater and manure ponds by keeping odor-causing substances from escaping into the environment.

Product Details

Tensioned Floating Covers use cables attached to tensioners to control slack as the cover moves up and down, eliminating sumps on the cover surface and making cleaning and maintenance much more manageable.


Specification Sheet

HypaFlex® CSPE Technical Specification

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