Debris Netting

Protect Your Workers And Safely Contain Debris

Layfield’s debris netting is highly durable, UV stabilized, fire-retardant, and reusable. Whether you’re working on new construction, shoring or bridgework, debris nets can help you protect the space below while you work above.

What Makes Layfield’s Debris Netting Unique?

Offers Complete Containment

Debris Netting can be installed vertically or horizontally and wraps around structures and buildings to provide complete containment.

Acts as a Wind Screen

Allows most wind to pass through, minimizing excessive wind loads on the netting attachments or on the scaffold itself.

UV Protection

Provides workers shade from the sun while allowing the appropriate light to complete the job.

Additional Features

  • Provides safe containment of debris
  • Offers some protection from inclement weather
  • Reinforced eyelets knit into the edges for easy attachment
  • Durable and reusable
  • Fire-retardant [complies with NFPA 701 method 2 fire retardancy test]
  • UV stabilized
Debris Netting

Product Details

Layfield’s Debris Netting is a lightweight HDPE netting ideal for wrapping scaffolding, helping protect both onsite workers and the general public.


Specification Sheet

Debris Netting Technical Specifications

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