Insulated Blankets

Protection From Cold And Unpredictable Weather

Retain heat on your construction site and reduce heating costs with an insulated blanket, a lightweight and effective method of providing temporary insulation. Layfield Insulated Blankets are additionally used to maintain optimum concrete cure time in cold and adverse weather, preventing hold-ups on construction projects.

Where fire safety is a concern, Layfield offers fire-retardant insulated blankets. Manufactured using fire-retardant shells and foam, Layfield FR blankets pass the NFPA 701 large-scale FR test as a complete unit and are made from stronger and reusable materials than typical commodity insulated blankets.

Why Choose A Layfield Insulated Blanket?

Retain Heat for Proper Concrete Curing

Protection against freezing is required when pouring concrete in the cold winter months.

Lock in Moisture

Working with concrete in extremely hot and dry weather is just as challenging. Prevent cracks and rapid drying by locking in moisture with an insulated blanket.

Additional Features

  • Lightweight insulated blankets
  • Closed cell foam does not absorb water
  • Stronger than commodity blankets
  • Good insulation value
Insulated Blankets

Product Details

Insulated Blankets are a lightweight and effective method of providing temporary insulation on project sites.


Specification Sheet

FR Insulated Blankets Technical Specifications

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Specification Sheet,

Insulated Blankets Technical Specification

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