Protect Your Boat From The Elements

Keep moisture, dust, and debris away from your boat with a MarineShrink boat wrap. Manufactured from low-density polyethylene film, MarineShrink protects your boat from extreme weather, moisture, wind, and more. When heat is applied, the film shrinks tightly over anything it covers. A tightly contoured fit offers a tailored solution for covering, securing, protecting, and packaging the structure.

Our BioFlex® variety offers the additional benefit of returning safely to the environment upon disposal. The energy from your package will be harnessed and converted into clean, renewable, sustainable energy within today’s modern landfill environments.

What’s The Advantage Of Using MarineShrink?

Waterproof And UV Resistant

With proper application, MarineShrink becomes a waterproof field, protecting your boat against harmful UV rays. By ensuring the weather stays out, you will extend the life of your boat.

Easy To Patch And Repair

Holes and tears can be easily repaired using shrink tape and MarineShrink material. Apply your material directly over the tear and warm it with a heat gun.

Help Generate Renewable Energy

The energy generation facility recycles BioFlex® film into renewable energy; simply discard the used package into the appropriate waste bin.

Additional Features

  • Physical barrier or protection during transport and storage
  • Tightly wraps any odd-shaped object of varying dimension
  • Puncture resistant
  • High-strength, lightweight polyethylene
  • High UV resistance

Product Details

MarineShrink Boat Wrap is a shrink wrap used extensively for covering, securing, protecting, and packaging boats of all sizes.


Specification Sheet

MarineShrink Technical Specifications

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Specification Sheet

BioFlex™ MarineShrink Technical Specification

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