Snow Removal Tarps

Save Time and Energy With Efficient Snow Removal

Remove freshly fallen snow from your worksite quickly and efficiently with Snow Removal Tarps. Simply lay the tarps out in a grid the day or evening before the forecasted snow arrives. Once the snow subsides, lift the tarps and the snow with a crane and get on with your work. Snow Removal Tarps allow contractors to clear job sites quicker, allowing production to move forward.

What Makes Snow Tarps So effective?

Additional Features

Additional Features

Additional Features

  • Quick and efficient snow-clearing method
  • Easy to deploy and store
  • Heavy-duty webbing reinforcements provide durability
  • Tarps are reusable
  • Saves labor from shoveling
Snow Removal Tarps

Product Details

Put your shovels away and save hundreds of man-hours with a Layfield Snow Removal Tarp. Please be aware that these tarps are only to be used with freshly fallen snow.


Specification Sheet

Snow Removal Tarps Technical Specifications

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