Exercise Due Diligence And Extend The Life Of Your Liner Or Cover System

As part of your environmental monitoring plan and to meet standard required maintenance regulations, Layfield offers a complete service program specializing in cleaning, inspecting, and repairing geomembranes and floating covers.

These products are often relied upon to provide critical environmental protection on a facility site; however, they usually receive little maintenance. Timely inspection of the condition and operational effectiveness of a geomembrane or floating cover system will allow you to maintain the system’s performance and extend its service life to the maximum extent possible.

Our technical services team is experienced in life expectancy evaluations, allowing you to allocate the proper resources based on an anticipated longevity timeline. Maintenance is a critical component in any geosynthetic system’s performance and is a vital element in facility operations.

Why Implement A Layfield Maintenance Plan?

Promotes Effective Maintenance Planning

A proper inspection will allow a facility owner to budget for major maintenance items and for the eventual replacement of the system when further maintenance is impractical.

Provides Corrective Maintenance

Layfield's written report with each inspection will document any deficiencies and provide recommended remedial actions to resolve these issues.

Minimizes Potential Downtime

Systems should stay in working conditions at all times. Effective maintenance can prevent unnecessary site downtime by proactively monitoring the system.


Product Details

Layfield has a complete service department specializing in cleaning, inspecting, and repairing geomembranes, floating covers, and other geosynthetic installations.

Case Studies

Discover a wide range of completed Layfield projects in various applications worldwide.

BGM Install-Methow Fish Hatchery

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