Permeable Paving Systems

Permeable Paving Systems

Control Stormwater Infiltration And Manage Runoff

Stormwater system infrastructure is under increasing demand, and one of the most effective methods of reducing the demand is to retain stormwater on-site. It makes for an easy win for both sustainable and cost-saving purposes.

Permeable paving systems not only reduce stormwater runoff on sites but can absorb precipitation and allow it to infiltrate into the soil and recharge the local aquifer. Layfield’s line of permeable paving systems offers design options for a wide range of permeable vehicular and pedestrian traffic areas — from fire lanes, utility lanes, parking areas, and trails.

Why choose a Layfield Permeable Paving System?

Sustainable Solution

All our permeable paving systems are made from reclaimed or recycled polyethylene, reducing waste.


By sourcing fill locally, transportation costs are reduced, and shipping costs are kept to a minimum due to the lightweight design of the paving grids.

Reduced Heat Island Effect

Permeable paving systems provide a cooler surface to mitigate heat island effects.

Additional Features

  • Can support heavy loads
  • Serves as a filtration system, improving water quality
  • Systems made from recycled polyethylene
  • Prevents soil compaction and rutting
  • Effective solution in both hot and freezing climates
  • Easy installation


With highly-permeable open-graded aggregate infill, GEOPAVE® pavers promote a high percolation rate, limit runoff and perform as a natural on-site retention system.


With topsoil infill and an engineered base, GEOBLOCK® has high stormwater infiltration rates and is an excellent growing medium — allowing grass to grow faster and stay healthier.

StormTank® GroundPro™ GRS & GRV

Flexible permeable pavers used in ground stabilization and protection applications. GroundPro’s uniquely engineered design delivers superior load rating and torsional resistance. At the same time, the flexible framework allows panels to be installed easily.

Product Details

Reduce your site’s impervious surface and stormwater runoff with a permeable paving system that supports traffic loading.


Specification Sheet,

GeoBlock Technical Specification

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Specification Sheet,

GeoPave Technical Specification

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Specification Sheet,

Stormtank GroundPro GRV Technical Specification

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Specification Sheet,

Stormtank GroundPro GRS Technical Specification

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Case Studies

Discover a wide range of completed Layfield projects in various applications worldwide.

Porous Pavement System GeoBlock®-NAIT
Permeable Parking Lot for New Restaurant


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Thu 13
Low Impact Development

Low impact Development Strategies using Geosynthetic Materials

Low Impact Development (LID) strategies have transitioned from suggestions to requirements in recent years, presenting new design challenges for engineers. This technical presentation will discuss common design elements for LID applications and how innovative products can be incorporated to increase effectiveness, reduce maintenance requirements and increase system life expectancy. Presented by Daniel Lotufo and Amy Woods, Layfield Geosynthetics. 

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