Catch Basin Donuts

Avoid Costly Catch Basin Cleanout During Construction

Catch basin donuts (CBDs) are an inlet control device installed on top of a catch basin to collect silt and sediment while letting the water pass through freely. Layfield’s newly designed CBDs will prevent water pooling during heavy rainfalls and allow for a much higher flow rate.

What Are The Unique Properties Of A Catch Basin Donut?

Easy to Maintain

Sweep or shovel off the collected sediment from around the catch basin donut, and it will become 100% effective again.

Optimal Visibility

The bright orange and yellow material covering makes it easy for vehicles to see, preventing the catch basin donut from being damaged.

Additional Features

  • Prevents silt and sediment from flowing into stormwater systems
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Easy removal and disposal
  • Reusable
  • An economical and environmentally-friendly solution

Product Details

Catch Basin Donuts (CBD’s) are an inlet control device that is installed on top of the catch basin to collect the silt and sediment while allowing water to pass through freely.


Specification Sheet

Catch Basin Donuts Technical Specifications

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