Floating Silt Curtains

Floating Silt Curtains

Your Last Line Of Defense From Polluting A Watercourse With Silt And Sediment

You can stop silt and sediment from polluting watercourses while performing construction. Trusted by leaders in the construction industry to consistently reduce their environmental impact, Layfield’s Floating Silt Curtains (FSC) are tried, tested, and proven to deliver.

We build our Floating Silt Curtains in various depths with high-visibility floating tops and a weight pocket on the bottom for a tight fit. The permeable body fabric allows water to flow while preventing fine particles from escaping. The result is a low-maintenance and highly reliable curtain that will help protect the surrounding ecosystem.

What Are The Benefits Of A Layfield Floating Silt Curtain?

Modular Construction To Fit Any Project

Each curtain is designed to easily attach to the next with a series of toggle pins. Depths of 7ft, 13ft, and 19 ft are standard, with custom sizes available.

Increased Visibility

Standard FSC sections are constructed with high-visibility orange fabric around the top float for safety.

Long-Term Sustainability

FSCs can be reused, minimizing your impact on the environment and furthering the sustainability of your product inventory.

Additional Features

  • Provides effective silt and sediment control
  • Designed for still or slow-moving water
  • Panels clip together to form any length
  • High visibility of top float wrap
  • Material does not absorb water and grow heavy
  • Reduces environmental impact
Floating Silt Curtains

Product Details

Layfield Floating Silt Curtains provide an effective and price-sensitive system designed to isolate silts and sediment matter within bodies of water.


Specification Sheet,

Floating Silt Curtain Technical Specifications

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Temporary Floating Barrier-IP Park


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