Silt Bag

A Simple, Cost-effective Solution For Sediment Filtering

Protect the environment in a cost-effective manner by easily and effectively removing silt from your water. You can eliminate hazardous materials before they can damage the environment with a silt bag.

Stop the release of silt from the end of a discharge hose with a Layfield-made silt bag. Our silt bags come in various sizes depending on the discharge rate and amount of sediment contained. Once the bag is full and dewatered, the silt can be easily removed from the discharge area.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Layfield Silt Bag?

Easy to Use

Just pump the contaminated water into the silt bag, and allow gravity to filter the clean water out and leave the sediment inside.

Environmentally Responsible

Reduce your carbon footprint with this versatile and environmentally-friendly solution.

Cost Effective

Not only economical, but silt bags also help prevent costly cleanup of a stormwater system from sediment infiltration.

Additional Features

  • Effective silt removal
  • Easy to use and less expensive than a silt pond
  • Eliminate waste disposal costs
  • Custom sizes available

Product Details

Layfield’s silt bag is a geotextile filter for removing silt from the water, eliminating hazardous materials before they can damage the environment.


Specification Sheet,

Silt Bag Technical Specifications

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