Silt Fence

Protect Local Water Quality And Comply With Regulations

You can prevent the release of silt and sediment from a construction site with a Layfield silt fence. This temporary sediment control device protects surrounding neighborhoods, streams, and catch basins from silt contamination by collecting and filtering sediment from sheet flow runoff. This way, you can avoid expensive cleanup costs and potential harm to the environment.

Silt fences are typically deployed on sites where the soil has been stripped of natural vegetation. Bare soil is easily eroded and can lead to the loss of large quantities of silt during a rainstorm or runoff event. A properly installed and maintained silt fence contains silts before they can cause contamination and saves you from expensive cleanup costs.

Why Use A Silt Fence As A Sediment Control Solution?

Inexpensive and Durable

While temporary, the basic post design of a silt fence allows it to stand up to severe weather and harsh environments.

Regulation Requirement

Most regions require silt fences at all construction sites. Significant fines and penalties can result from noncompliance.

Protect Local Ecosystems

Silt and sediment can contaminate local waterways and harm aquatic plants and wildlife.

Additional Features

  • Preassembled with posts attached to the fabric
  • The marker line on the fabric shows the anchor depth
  • UV-stable fabric
  • Logo printing available
Silt Fence

Product Details

Control the loss of silts from job sites during rain and other run-off events using a Layfield silt fence, a temporary sediment control device.


Specification Sheet

Wire Backed Silt Fence Technical Specifications

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Specification Sheet,

Silt Fence Technical Specifications

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