Spring Berms

Reduce Erosion By Reducing The Flow Velocity Of Runoff

Prevent sediment-laden water from entering storm systems with a Layfield spring berm. When used in channels and highway ditches these sediment control devices reduce the flow velocity of water and help to reduce erosion by filtering out and trapping silt and sediment.

Spring berms are made from a tubular fabric body with skirts extending from both upstream and downstream sides for anchoring the barrier to the ground. Experts recommend that these sediment control systems be used with an erosion control blanket.

What Makes Spring Berms Unique?

Easy Installation & Cleanup

Layfield spring berms can be set up or removed in just a few easy steps, significantly reducing installation time.

Cost Effective

Compared to straw products, the portable design of spring berms allows you to save money on transportation, installation, and cleanup costs.

Performance Tested

Testing shows the Layfield spring berm significantly reduces water flow while eliminating pressure build-up that would otherwise cause the water to surge and create erosion.

Additional Features

  • A lightweight and compact silt control device
  • Reduces runoff flow velocity and retains silt
  • Requires no posts or trenching
  • Easily clipped together to form any length
Spring Berms

Product Details

Layfield spring berms are used in channels and highway ditches to reduce water flow velocity and erosion.


Specification Sheet

Spring Berm Technical Specifications

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