Uniquely contain sediment-laden flow onsite with a biodegradable system

Quickly and cost-effectively contain and treat sediment-laden flow with the newest innovative solution developed by Western Green. Combining the best features of wattles (aka logs, SRFRs) and silt fences, WattleFence™ replaces traditional technologies for perimeter control, slope interruption, ditch checks, and more.

The unique configuration of WattleFence™ allows for a two-stage performance to capture sediment and reduce turbidity. Additionally, this 99% biodegradable solution may be left on-site, reducing costs by eliminating mobilization, labor, and disposal. Simplify the process of sediment control.

Why Choose WattleFence™?

Unique Value in Installation

The unique stake and splash apron attachment system eliminates trenching and provides easy handling for reduced installation effort.

Reduced Shipping Costs

With a storage density of over ten times that of traditional wattles, just a few pallets can provide over a mile of protection.

Removal Advantage

The system is more than 99% biodegradable, allowing the contractor to fasten and forget, with no need for removal at the end of the project.

Additional Features

  • Easy step-over height for fieldwork
  • Two-stage filtration, performance at first flush and high flow
  • Easy repair with zip ties and traditional wood stakes
  • Stable height dimension avoids inspection violation

Product Details

WattleFence™ is the newest innovation in sediment control, combining the best features of wattles (aka logs, SRFRs) and silt fences.


Specification Sheet,

WattleFence™ Technical Specification

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