Monofilament Wovens

When Unique Filtration And Reinforcement Properties Are Required

Monofilament geotextiles are unique high-strength geotextiles. They are used in applications where high water flow rates are required, such as flowing rivers and along shorelines with tidal action.

These engineered filtration geotextiles are designed for long-term performance in problematic soil or site conditions to ensure clogging resistance, soil retention in erosion control, and subsurface drainage applications. Woven from polypropylene monofilaments, they allow water to pass freely while preventing contamination of the base material and adding tensile properties to the soil.

Additional Features

Additional Features

Additional Features

Additional Features

  • High tensile strength and durability
  • Resists clogging
  • Low elongations under load
  • Can provide reinforcement and filtration at the same time
  • Reduces required aggregate thicknesses
Monofilament Wovens

Product Details

Woven monofilament geotextiles are used with erosion protection armor systems on shorelines to prevent undercutting and washout.


Specification Sheet

Monofilament Geotextiles Technical Specification

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