nonwoven geotextiles

When You Want Cost-Effective Separation, Filtration, And Drainage

Protect your geomembrane materials from damage while staying compliant with your industry regulations. These nonwoven geotextiles are an industry favorite due to their cost-effective properties and consistent filtration.

Manufactured from high-quality polypropylene fibers, Layfield’s nonwoven geotextiles achieve their unique properties through the interlocking fibers that are formed during the needle-punching process. They are commonly used to provide filtration; separation; protection; and drainage.

What Makes Layfield Nonwoven Geotextiles Your Best Choice?

Excellent Water Flow Rates

The interlocking fibers provide specific filtration opening sizes to retain fine soil particles while allowing water to pass through the fabric.

Good Cushioning Properties

Nonwovens in heavier weights and thicknesses are often used to protect a geomembrane from damage from both the subgrade and backfill soil.

Meet Most Ministry Requirements

Our nonwovens are approved and listed on most municipal designated sources lists, making it easy to manage any approval requirements.

Additional Features

  • Provides lightweight, low-cost protection for geomembranes
  • Offers consistent filtration and water flow properties
  • Prevents the loss of soil fines when wrapped around drains
  • Found on most government-approved sources lists
nonwoven geotextiles

Road Construction

A nonwoven geotextile filters water through while retaining smaller soil particles, making them an excellent solution to build roads, even with sub-optimal conditions such as wet or soft subgrade.

nonwoven geotextiles

Protection – Geomembranes & Liners

Nonwoven geotextiles can protect your geomembranes from damage during construction and throughout operational use. With their excellent mechanical properties, the life expectancy of your geomembrane system can be significantly improved.

Erosion Control

Their high flow rates, puncture resistance, and strength make nonwoven geotextiles perfect for use in conjunction with other solutions like riprap or hard armor.

Product Details

Nonwoven materials, which are both heat set and needle punched, benefit from an enhanced strength-to-weight ratio. As a result, nonwoven needle-punched geotextiles not only provide this superior strength but also exhibit excellent water flow properties, making them ideal for drainage and other applications.


Specification Sheet,

Nonwoven Geotextiles Technical Specification

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Specification Sheet

Nonwoven Environmental Grade Technical Specification

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