Woven Geoxtextiles

Improve The Performance Of Your Road Or Embankment

Standard woven geotextiles are an economical range of geotextiles that combine high strength with low cost. Made by weaving pre-stressed polypropylene tapes in a simple weave pattern, woven geotextiles provide separation, confinement, and reinforcement. Woven geotextiles are primarily used in road building and embankment construction as a separation layer between fill soils and a site’s soft subsoils.

What Makes Layfield Woven Geotextiles Special?

Increased Strength

Due to the ability to prefabricate woven geotextiles into large panels, they offer reduced installation time when covering large areas, making them ideal for road building.

Effective for Difficult Subgrades

The low permeability of woven geotextiles provides long-term separation and stabilization, making them practical for roads in soft soils such as muskeg, peat, and other less desirable subgrades.

Additional Features

  • Can be prefabricated in panels up to 85’ (26m) wide
  • Woven from durable polypropylene tape
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Available to be sewn into multiple widths
Woven Geoxtextiles

Product Details

Woven Polypropylene slit-film geotextiles are used for subgrade stabilization and other applications requiring strength.


Specification Sheet

Woven Geotextiles Technical Specification

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