Title: Enviro Liner 6000HD UV Resistance

Enviro Liner 6000HD geomembranes have been specially formulated for outstanding UV resistance.

We have developed a proprietary UV stabilization package for our premium polyolefin liners, the Enviro Liner® 6000HD series, which allows a 30 mil Enviro Liner® 6030HD to resist degradation when compared to a much thicker geomembrane stabilized with carbon black alone. This is a major breakthough in flexible membrane liner technology as it allows the more flexible and durable Enviro Liner® formulation to be considered in exposed applications where a thicker material, such as HDPE 60 mil, may have been specified in the past. An extended exposed service life weathering warranty of up to 25 years is currently available for the Enviro Liner® 6000HD series in a 30 mil or 40 mil thickness.

Our long term weathering study compared 6 years of natural exposure to 3 years of accelerated weathering. Samples of our geomembranes were exposed to levels of UV radiation that exceeded those found in natural sunlight. The exposure was also carried out at elevated temperatures to further accelerate the degradation of these materials. The purpose of the study was to evaluate how thin film geomembranes, those with thicknesses up to 1 mm (40 mil), would stand up to long term exposed service in the field.

In our study we subjected samples to UV exposure in our accelared weather tester. The figure above shows the results of accelerated exposure on HDPE 60 mil stabilized with carbon black; and, an Enviro Liner® 6030HD (30 mil) that was stabilized with carbon black and our proprietary stabilization package. The results show that our Enviro Liner® 6030HD formulation outperformed the thicker HDPE material and remained in excellent condition and retained most of its tensile strength at 93% at 30,000 hours.

Based on a total energy calculation, our 30,000 hour exposure is believed to relate to more than 30 years of exposed service life in temperate latitudes. The results of this study were used as the basis for the extended 25 year exposed service life warranty which is available on Enviro Liner® 6030HD and 6040 materials.

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