Title: Geo References


Geosynthetics is a new and exciting field. This sometimes means that information on new products is difficult to find, and that obtaining third party, independent references is often impossible.

Layfield Plastics attempts to provide answers to your geosynthetic questions by referring to third party, independent sources as often as possible. In the following technical note are a number of design references that we regard as essential to the design and use of geosynthetics. We strongly urge you to ensure that your design library contains these references.

Designing with Geosynthetics

This textbook, written by Robert Koerner (third edition 1994) is the standard reference for geosynthetics design in North America. Written as a university level textbook, "Designing with Geosynthetics" contains standard and advanced calculations of all aspects of geosynthetics design. Included are design sections on geotextiles, geogrids, geomembranes, and geosynthetic clay liners. Each chapter includes a set of problems for students and includes an extensive glossary of terms used in the geosynthetics industry. This is the standard reference for our industry and should be part of the library of every engineer who is contemplating geosynthetics design.

"Designing with Geosynthetics" Third Edition, by Robert Koerner, is available from the IFAI 345 Cedar Street, St. Paul MN, 55101, phone 612-222-2508 (ask for The Bookstore). Approximately $74.00 US.

EPA Technical Guidance Document Quality Assurance and Quality Control for Waste Containment Facilities

This book discusses the Quality Assurance and Quality Control requirements for waste containment facilities. It is a straightforward presentation of the Quality Control requirements for construction of compacted soil liners, geosynthetic liners, drainage systems, cut-off walls, and pipe and appurtenances. This is one of the best introductions to lining systems we have seen. We suggest that every engineer involved in designing geomembrane containments obtain a copy of this document. An excellent, up to date reference. This book works best when accompanied with the ASTM companion document (next reference).

"EPA Technical Guidance Document; Quality Assurance and Quality Control for Waste Containment Facilities" (1993) Publication number PB 94-159-100 is available from National Technical Information Services (NTIS), 5285 Port Royal Road, Springfield Virginia, USA 22161, phone 703-605-6000. Copies are $49 US. You can also contact their web site at the location www.ntis.gov.

ASTM Standards and Other Test Methods on the Quality Assurance of Landfill Liner Systems

This book is the companion document to the EPA book (reference 2) on Landfill Liner systems. This book contains all the ASTM test methods referred to in the EPA document. This includes test methods for Compacted Soil liners, Geosynthetic materials (of all styles), and many other materials. It also includes some tests from the Geosynthetics Research Institute (GRI) that cover geosynthetic clay liners. This is the most complete collection of test methods available for Geosynthetics. It includes 89 test methods from aggregate and compaction testing, to sewer pipe tests, complete testing methods for most plastics materials used in landfills, and geosynthetic friction angles. For engineers that are involved in landfill or any other Geosynthetics designs on a regular basis this is a comprehensive document.

"ASTM Standards and Other Test Methods on the Quality Assurance of Landfill Lining Systems" (1994) publication code 03-435193-38 is available from the ASTM, 100 Barr Harbor Drive, West Conshohocken, Pennsylvania 19428. phone 610-832-9585. Approximately $77.00 US.