Title: Polypropylene Biohazard Sheeting




  Nominal Gauge
Gauge Tolerance (+-%)
Yield (in2/lb)
1.65 mil
8 - 10
Property Typical Value (1) Unit Test Method
Haze 74.6 % ASTM D 1003
COF 0.80   ASTM D 1894
Dart Impact (F50) 348 Grams ASTM D 1709
Elmendorf MD Tear 247 Grams ASTM D 1922
TD Tear 667 Grams  
MD Elongation 399 % ASTM D822
MD Break Energy 2.89 ft-lb. ASTM D822
TD Elongation 626 % ASTM D822
TD Break Energy 3.18 ft-lb. ASTM D822
  1. Typical values represent average laboratory values and are intended as guides only, not as specifications.
  2. Film properties are typical of blown film extruded at approximately a 2.5:1 blowup ratio.
  3. Properties designated have been determined in accordance with the current issues of the specified test methods.
A tough polypropylene film designed for use in BioHazard applications. A very low slip film manufactured from polypropylene resin. This film meets the exacting requirements of resins that are autoclavable for use in BioHazard applications.