Title: Turbidity Barriers Spec Type 3.DOT
June 2008
Layfield Type 3.DOT
Layfield Type 3.DOT (HD)
Water Current Limitations
Layfield Type 3.DOT Turbidity barrier are for use in waters with current up to a max. of five feet per second, in deeper lakes, streams, inter-coastal and tidal areas
Floatation Buoyancy
19 lbs/ft
29 lbs/ft
Floatation Size
8” x 8” x 4’
12” x 12” x 4’
Fabric Curtain Body
18 oz/yd2 Yellow Vinyl coated on a 6 oz/yd2 polyester scrim
22 oz/yd2 Yellow Vinyl coated on a 6 oz/yd2 polyester scrim
Grab Tensile
397 x 373 lbs.
500 x 400 lbs.
Tongue Tear
96 x 86 lbs.
132 143 lbs.
D-751-95 Section 43.1.2
15 lbs.
25 lbs.
Permeable Geotextile Body
ASTM D-2374
7.5 oz/yd2
254 g/m2
7.5 oz/yd2
254 g/m2
Tensile Strength
ASTM D-5034
350 x 250 lbs./in
333 x 230 daN/5 cm
350 x 250 lbs./in
333 x 230 daN/5 cm
Hydrostatic Resistance
D-751-95, Sec 34.2
385 psi
881 psi
Curtain edge construction has 5/8” PP twisted rope reinforcements heat sealed into a pocket with # 4 brass grommets installed approx. 12” oc. to act as a lacing point.
Ballast Chain Weight
5/16” galvanized chain/ 95 lbs. / 100’
3/8” galvanized chain/ 115 lbs. / 100’
The chain ends of each section shall connect by galvanized shackles to aluminum stress plates at the bottom corner of the barrier
Top Load Cable
5/16” vinyl coated 7 x 19 galvanized steel cable w/ min. loading of 9800 lbs.
All seams to be heat sealed (expect on the Geotextile, which is sewn)

Note: Layfield can incorporate custom geotextile fabric types for project specifics; strengths and soil particle size containment. We have woven, heat bonded non-woven and needle punched non-wovens, and monofilament fabrics available