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HydraNet™ Geonet and Geocomposite
by Layfield Geosynthetics

Building on over 40 years of excellence and innovation in geomembrane manufacturing, Layfield now makes a wide range of geonet and geocomposite drainage products under our HydraNet™ brand.

Layfield’s HydraNet™ is a cost effective and environmentally conscious alternative to aggregate drains for a variety of applications. Hydranet™ can effectively transmit fluids and gasses while taking up much less space compared to a sand, stone, or gravel layer.

In double-lined containment applications, Hydranet™ is commonly used to create a void between two geomembrane liners as part of a leak detection system.

Hydranet Manugacturing

HydraNet™ geocomposites have a geotextile bonded to one or both sides of a geonet. The addition of laminated geotextile layers prevents the movement of soil fines into the drainage path that could otherwise lead to clogging and reduced drainage performance longer term.

Layfield’s HydraNet™ is made in North America at our ISO 9001 registered facility.

Hydranet Laminated Geocomposites
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