Californian company helps provide solutions to save millions of gallons of water

June 30, 2015

San Diego, California, June 30, 2015

Californian company helps provide solutions to save millions of gallons of water

California’s worst drought in recent history threatens growers, vineyards, dairy farmers, livestock producers, food processors, and all Californians. The severity of the drought has seriously impacted many farms in the Central Valley and across California and poses a major challenge that can only be tackled with innovative technologies designed to preserve water.

Based in San Diego, California, Layfield Environmental Containment specializes in providing evaporation control, seepage control and water storage solutions.  Our products and technology include evaporation control covers and geomembrane ponds liners. Wind, temperature, and humidity are key elements that cause evaporation. An evaporation control cover virtually eliminates evaporation by covering the pond surface. Evaporation control covers can also prevent algae growth as well as protect the water from dirt and debris. For seepage control, our geomembranes / pond liners are designed to significantly reduce water loss in irrigation canals and water storage ponds.

Cost effective water storage solutions are also important to reduce risks of rainfed agriculture. Layfield provides farmers with water storage steel tanks and geosynthetic water storage tubes to hold rain water and water for irrigation, cleaning equipment, flushing cow barns, fire suppression and many other applications. Food processors use steel tanks to store water for washing, rinsing, cleaning and many other processes.

Layfield is committed to help Californians protect their water and their future. At Layfield, WE PROTECT.  For more information, contact Layfield at 619.562.1200 - [email protected].

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About Layfield

Layfield Environmental Containment is a leading North American integrated company involved in the manufacturing, fabrication, installation, and maintenance of geomembranes and floating cover systems used for environmental containment.