COR from the Alberta Construction Safety Association

November 30, 2010

The Alberta Safety Construction Association awarded Layfield Environmental Systems with a Certification of Recognition for developing and implementing an occupational health and safety program and meeting the standards for "Partnerhips" through an independent evaluation of Layfield Environmental Systems' health and safety program.

In qualifying for the certificate, Layfield Environmental Systems has:

  • prepared a written health and safety plan appropriate to the needs of its staff;
  • discussed injury prevention issues with its staff and invited their ongoing participation in the health and safety program;
  • identified hazards and hazard control as an ongoing process;
  • developed and implemented good health and safety practices; and
  • developed a review process for changes and ongoing improvements to the program.

By participating in the development and operation of the "Partnerships" program; Layfield Environmental Systems is part of a process that will substantially contribute toward reducing incidents, ill health and their associated costs.

Click here to see our Certificate of Recognition

For more informationon on this program, please contact Rose Marie Lloyd, Safety Manager at [email protected].