Layfield Floating Cover Webinar - Australia

May 6, 2015





LAYFIELD - the world's largest floating cover supplier invites you to this webinar:

Floating Cover Systems - Designs, Applications, Materials & how they can help you protect water and save money

The webinar will discuss floating cover systems for evaporation control, municipal water protection, biogas collection applications, temperature control, odor control and many other applications.

Attending this webinar will qualify you for a certificate for (1) hour of Professional Development Hours.

Join us in this webinar on June 18th, 2015:

7:00 AM AWST (Perth) | 8:30 AM ACST (Adelaide) | 9:00 AM AEST (Brisbane, Sydney Melbourne)


Layfield is a pioneer and world leader in floating cover technology. We have designed, fabricated, installed and/or maintained over 100 floating cover systems in North America and our cover materials are used around the world. Layfield has one of the most experienced and capable construction crews in the market. 

Layfield manufactures high performance geomembranes used to fabricate these floating cover systems.  Our geomembranes are durable, thinner and more economical than other geomembranes materials used to fabricate floating covers.

Evaporation Control covers save money by eliminating evaporation.

In this Webinar, you will learn:
  • What are the main Floating Cover Applications? municipal water protection, evaporation control, biogas collection, agriculture, food processors, temperature control, odor control, etc.

  • How REVOC Floating Covers save money & conserve water by eliminating evaporation

  • Recommended Geomembrane materials for floating covers, including flexible fortified geomembranes that are highly cost effective

  • Construction/Installation of floating cover systems

  • Inspection and Maintenance Services

  • Examples of designs and case studies

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