Layfield unveils the GeoFab 5X

November 26, 2014

Layfield announced today the commissioning of the GeoFab 5X; the world’s largest combined geotextile sewing and geomembrane welding production line. With this line Layfield has significantly scaled up its plant conversion capabilities to tackle the world’s largest and most demanding projects. Brian Fraser, Vice President of Layfield Environmental Containment says, “The GeoFab 5X is a game changer in terms of scale. It can join master rolls of geosynthetic material at high-speeds up to 26 metres (85’) wide and can make any length roll our customers can handle. There’s nothing like this line anywhere else in the world!” GeoFab 5X is designed to both sew high strength geotextiles as well as thermally weld geomembranes.

Layfield recently completed an extremely large project that required over 37,700,000 ft2 (3,500,000 m2) of high strength geotextile fabric with 373 miles (600 km) of sewn seams that had a rigorous specification requirement of 470 pounds per inch (82 kN/m) of tensile strength.  In addition, the geotextile portion was on the critical path of the project’s schedule and had a very tight construction timeline for completion.  As the industry leader in providing innovative solutions with geosynthetics, Layfield commissioned the design and construction of the world’s most efficient geosynthetic fabrication line, with state-of-the-art seam integrity technology.

High strength geotextiles are used to reinforce and stabilize weak soils when working in poor subgrade conditions.  Applications include building access roads, lease pads, reinforced slopes, tailings dam reinforcement, and capping sludge and tailings ponds as part of their final restoration and closure phase.  The GeoFab 5X line will also weld large prefabricated geomembrane panels (impervious liners) used to provide environmental containment.  Applications for geomembranes include the lining of tailings ponds, waste water lagoons, landfills, irrigation canals, and water and waste water treatment ponds.   

With GeoFab 5X Layfield is equipped to tackle the largest geosynthetics projects in the world, meeting the growing environmental and construction needs of their clients.  Please contact Layfield for additional information.

About Layfield

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