Low Impact Development (LID) solutions use and mimic natural processes for infiltration and use onsite features to protect water quality. Layfield carries a diverse line of products to help with your LID strategies.

Permeable Pavers


Permeable pavers provide an ideal eco-friendly alternative to impervious paved surfaces while promoting stormwater infiltration, limiting runoff, preventing soil compaction, and reducing the heat island effect. Permeable pavers are great for ground stabilization and protection applications, including parking lots, trails, roadways, and sidewalks.

StormTank® GroundPro™ GRV

Flexible, permeable gravel pavers are used in ground stabilization and protection applications.

StormTank® GroundPro™ GRS

Flexible, permeable grass pavers are used in ground stabilization and protection applications.

GEOBLOCK® Grass Pavers

Made from reprocessed plastics, and can support heavy loads such as a fire truck while providing turf protection.

GEOPAVE® Gravel Pavers

Provides a confined strengthened aggregate surface and functions naturally as an onsite retention system for stormwater.

GEOWEB® Tree Root Protection

Provides lateral movement of air, water, and nutrients and promotes strong root development. Plus, it has exceptional load-bearing capabilities.

Vegetative Wall Systems


Vegetative Wall Systems offer an environmental advantage by allowing stormwater to collect in the open front facia. Vegetative Walls are economical, aesthetically pleasing, and low maintenance. These walls can handle significant differential settlement and save on space that otherwise could not occur with the slope of an unreinforced embankment.

Presto Geosystems Stacked GEOWEB® wall

A slope system with a stacked (tiered) GEOWEB® facing that can be readily vegetated is recommended for slopes up to 70 degrees.

EnviroSlope™ Geogrid Wrap

A mechanically stabilized earth (MSE or RSS) slope system with a vegetated face is recommended for slopes up to 45 degrees.


Bioswales are a low-impact development practice that consists of gently sloped channels designed to catch, store and filter stormwater. Some of the benefits of using a bioswale include Pollutant Removal, Minimal Maintenance, Groundwater Recharge, Drainage Retrofitting, and Runoff Management. Learn More about Bioswales

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