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Layfield Geosynthetics Webinar program was developed to provide educational information on frequent industry issues. To view a webinar, simply fill out the form at the bottom of the page, and the webinar link will be emailed to you.
Managing Stormwater through Green Infrastructure & Low Impact Development
You're invited to join Samantha Justice, P.E. Design Engineer, Presto Geosystems, discussing today’s increasingly stringent environmental regulations continue to create the need for Low Impact Development (LID) and Green Infrastructure (GI) management on project sites. Porous pavements are an easy and economical way to reduce the impervious surfaces on-site and restore the natural water cycle close to its source. 
Basics of Road Design Using Innovative Engineered Technologies
You're invited to join Dave Mueller, Technical Product Manager at Layfield Geosynthetics, and Bryan Wedin, Chief Design Engineer at Presto Geosystems, discussing the use of Geoweb® Soil Stabilization System to significantly improve the life cycle of road projects.
Modular Insulated Covers
You're invited to join Rohit Sati, Technical Product Manager - Containment and Enclosure Systems, as he discusses how Modular Insulated Covers retain heat in water/wastewater ponds when the ambient temperature is different from the lagoon temperature. Learn more about this economical solution to add insulation to open ponds or tanks and how it can assist with the biological degradation of waste materials.
Economics of Open Top Reservoirs with Floating Covers
You're invited to join Andrew Mills and Dan Lotufo, as they discuss the economics of floating covers for open top reservoirs. When the need arises to expand your water storage capacity, a floating cover is the most cost-effective solution when compared to other alternatives such as clear wells or above-ground storage tanks. In this webinar you’ll learn the cost advantages of using a floating cover, and how water districts and municipalities are using them today.
Stormwater Management
You're invited to join Dan Lotufo and Amy Woods, as they discuss the different ways that Layfield can help design and install stormwater management systems. Current trends in site development are leading to new and innovative ways to capture stormwater runoff. Layfield can assist in the development of storm storage systems used for detention, infiltration, or retention applications.
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