Prefabricated Tank Liners

Layfield fabricates tank liners from a number of specialty materials for most water containment applications.


    • Lined steel rings make an economical water storage tank
    • Liners can be added to steel, wood, or concrete tanks
    • Easy to transport and install on site
    • One-piece drape-in liners up to 250’ in diameter


    • Drape-in liners for Frac water containment tanks
    • Bolted steel tanks for water and chemical containment
    • Drop in liners for rainwater collection tanks
    • Agricultural and livestock water storage tanks
    Prefabricated Tank Liners Specifications

Product Description

Tank liners are a common use for geomembranes and are a growing part of Layfield’s fabrication business. We regularly fabricate geomembrane liners to the sizes needed to line both steel and concrete tanks in a variety of sizes. A rapidly growing use for tank liners is in the lining of bolted corrugated steel tanks. Adding a prefabricated geomembrane liner to these corrugated steel tanks creates a cost effective containment for water, wastewater, and oilfield water containment applications.

We produce all types of tank liners however there are three that are the most common. First there is the drop-in type of tank liner that is made in a cylindrical shape to match the tank. Second is the drape-in type of tank liner where a flat sheet is folded into an open topped tank and secured to the top. Third are the tank liners that we actually build and fit on site (field fabricated tank liners).

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