Enhanced Water Storage in Onshore Gas Production Facility

Environmental Containment

The Challenge

The second of three mega-scale Concept Tanks was installed to provide additional produced water storage at an onshore natural gas production facility. The hyper-saline water is produced as a byproduct of gas operations and requires a high level of containment to prevent contamination of the surrounding environment. These Concept Tanks form part of a scaled approach to the operator’s water management process, reducing upfront capital expenditure and aligning storage capacity with water production.

The Solution

Utilizing these larger-scale Concept Tanks fast-tracked the client’s permitting and construction process significantly, enabling the client to commence gas production activities. The three 475’ diameter tanks are comprised of four liner layers: two Enviro® Liner geomembrane layers, a geotextile layer, and a Geovolt® conductive composite, an intermediate layer to enable spark testing of the liner prior to filling the tanks with fluid. Each Concept Tank took just four weeks to construct, with minimal earthworks for the tank pad.

Moreover, these Concept Tanks are outfitted with continuous monitoring systems for precise tracking of water levels within the tanks and early detection of potential leaks. This advanced monitoring capability serves as a critical asset in the storage of contaminated fluids, especially in remote and isolated sites.


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