Geovolt Conductive Composite

Geovolt® Conductive Composite

When You Demand Top-tier Construction Quality Control

Enable effective electric leak detection under almost any geomembrane with Geovolt®. Geovolt®, a uniquely manufactured conductive composite, combines a thin conductive film with a needle-punched nonwoven geotextile. The nonwoven laminate allows the material to double as a cushion layer, protecting your geomembrane from puncture.

Developed specifically to address several common challenges faced during the deployment of electric leak location methods, Layfield’s Geovolt® allows leaks to be located in lined systems with precision and without requiring an additional conductive layer. If you can’t afford a leak, you can count on Geovolt®.

What Makes Geovolt A Unique Solution For Leak Location?

Maximum Quality Assurance

Meets the requirements of ASTM D7852, which is “Standard Practice for Use of an Electrically Conductive Geotextile for Leak Location Surveys.”

Can be Used with Almost Any Type of Geomembrane

You are no longer limited to only polyethylene-based geomembranes to support electric leak location.

Ease of Installation

There is no need for special welding techniques during the installation process. Geovolt® can be sewn, heat-tacked, or simply overlapped.

Additional Features

  • Provides uniform conductivity
  • Does not require water to perform electrical leak testing
  • Can be used underneath any non-conductive waterproofing barrier
Geovolt® Conductive Composite

Product Details

Geovolt® is a conductive medium placed below a non-conductive waterproofing barrier to locate leaks in exposed or covered containment applications.


Specification Sheet

Geovolt® Conductive Composite Technical Specification

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Case Studies

Discover a wide range of completed Layfield projects in various applications worldwide.

ELL Double Lined Tank with Geovolt®
Biofilter Rehabilitation Humber Bay Wastewater Plant


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Thu 18
Installation and Maintenance

Electrical Leak Location with GeoVolt

Join Layfield’s Technical Product Manager – Containment and Enclosure Systems, in this informative webinar on Electrical Leak Location (ELL). ELL testing on geomembranes has increasingly become the choice for owners, specifiers, and geotechnical consultants around the world. Learn more about Layfield’s newest leak detection product, Geovolt™, a conductive composite.

Thu 18
Environmental Containment, Installation and Maintenance

Advanced Geosynthetics for Landfill and Waste Applications

Join Layfield Geosynthetics Rohit Sati, Technical Services Manager — Containment and Enclosure Systems, and Brian Fraser, Vice President – Strategic Business Development, for an educational webinar outlining new industry innovations with geomembranes and geocomposites in waste containment applications. This webinar features the following topics: New Bi-Modal Heatgard® HDPE Geomembranes, HydraNet™ Geocomposite Drainage Products, Geovolt® Conductive Composite for Electrical Leak Detection, and GeoFlex® Geomembranes.

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