Liner Integrity Surveys Just Got a Lot Easier - Introducing Geovolt™ a Revolutionary Conductive Composite

June 8, 2020

Edmonton, Alberta – June 8, 2020

Layfield’s Geovolt™ is a patented innovation in geosynthetics designed to improve our most critical containment infrastructure through efficient leak location. In the past, electric leak location surveys have faced several challenges, including the need for a special conductive geomembrane, or time-consuming welding techniques. Once the liner was backfilled, future surveys required the perimeter anchor trench to be exposed. 

Geovolt™ is an innovative rolled conductive geocomposite that combines conductive film technology with a nonwoven geotextile. The result is a reliable, continuous layer of conductive material that lies beneath almost any type of geomembrane to enable electric leak location. The nonwoven component (available in various weights) allows the product to double as a protective layer. Geovolt™ can be installed in a manner that allows it to be accessed at any time in the future for a leak survey without having to expose the perimeter anchor trench, a huge time saver. 

Geovolt™ can also be factory prefabricated into large panels to fit your containment dimensions.    

Geovolt™ is the latest example of Layfield’s commitment to sustainable solutions for our world’s most critical containment infrastructure. “We Protect” is built into everything we do at Layfield.    

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About Layfield: Layfield USA Corp. is a vertically integrated company involved in the manufacturing, fabrication, and construction services of geomembranes, floating covers and stormwater retention systems. Layfield provides a full line of geosynthetic products for environmental containment and civil construction.