HypaFlex™ CSPE Geomembranes

HypaFlex™ (CSPE) is an excellent floating cover and lining material with one of the best weathering warranties available.


    • Excellent resistance to UV
    • Can be factory fabricated into large sizes
    • NSF certified for contact with potable water
    • Available in different ply and scrim designs
    • Available with a 30-year weathering warranty


    • Floating cover material for potable water reservoirs
    • As a liner and baffle curtain in potable water applications
    • NSF certified for contact with potable water
    HypaFlex™ CSPE Geomembranes Specifications

Product Description

HypaFlex™ (Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene - CSPE), formerly known as Hypalon, is a high-performance geomembrane material designed for long-term applications, including floating covers and exposed liners. As a floating cover material, HypaFlex™ provides truly outstanding UV protection and long-term performance. HypaFlex™ floating covers are engineered to eliminate evaporation and protect the water source from contaminants, including dirt and debris. HypaFlex™ has been used extensively for water containment and protection applications for over 45 years and is backed with an industry-leading 30-year weathering warranty. HypaFlex™ geomembranes and floating covers are used worldwide in containment applications to protect water, including municipal water districts, mining, oil and gas, and agriculture. 

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