RSi High Efficiency Geotextiles

RSi geotextiles have high tensile modulus and water flow properties making them more efficient for reinforcement of roads.


    • Unique high-modulus construction for efficient reinforcement
    • High water flow rates efficiently move water
    • Replaces geogrid/nonwoven designs with one product
    • Design software available


    • Optimized for subgrade reinforcement of roads
    • Requires less granular fill than other reinforcements
    • Roads, railways, runways, haul roads, and embankment stabilization
    • Suitable for reinforced slopes and walls
    RSi High Efficiency Geotextiles Specifications

Product Description

RS580i and RS380i are advanced woven geotextiles designed specifically for base course reinforcement and subgrade stabilization for roadways and similar applications. These specially designed materials integrate key performance characteristics to maximize performance.  Extensive testing has been completed per AASHTO and FHWA guidelines to validate performance for both paved and unpaved roads.  The unique double-layer technology provides high modulus strength, excellent separation with superior filtration and drainage.  Typically used for base course or subgrade reinforcement or stabilization, this means installing one product rather than two to provide the reinforcement and separation/filtration functions with suitable drainage in these types of applications. RS580i, RS380i and RS280i are manufactured and supplied in a distinctive orange colour for easy infield product identification. Applications of RSi series woven geotextile include base course and subgrade reinforcement, stabilization for roads, railways, heavy haul roads, embankment stabilization on soft soils, reinforcement for mechanically stabilized earth (MSE applications), reinforcement over sludge ponds, bridging voids and other environmental applications. For a full- scale study showing the comparative performance of various reinforcement products, please see the following link: subgrade.shtml

Watch How the Mirafi® RSi- Series Geosynthetics Work in Base Course Reinforcement and Subgrade Stabilization!

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