Nakal'Bun Elementary School Vapor

LOCATION: Fort Saint James, British Columbia PRODUCT: 30 Mil Vaporflex, Permax 700uv Polyurea spray applied liner.
PROJECT PARTNERS: Owner: B.C. School Board; General Contractor Newhaven;
Material Supplier and Installer: Layfield Geosynthetics

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British Columbia (B.C) School Board was aware of the potentials of hydrocarbon contaminated soil on the property prior to starting renovation at Nakal’Bun Elementary School in Ft. Saint James B.C. The plan included building the new perimeter wall with a vapor / moisture barrier as well as a vapor barrier installed below the slab. The layout of the under-slab liner portion of the vapor management system was irregular with many piles, pipes and columns protruding from the vapour barrier. The outside perimeter wall had many corners and added to an already challenging liner installation project. Layfield decided to install a Permax 700uv Polyurea spray applied liner on the perimeter walls. For the below slab liner portion, nonwoven underlay was used to provide protection for the primary liner. A 30 Mil vapour barrier was utilized for the under-slab portion of the vapour management system. Prefabricated panels were used to fit the odd shaped layout of the building and a SS mechanical detail was used to attach the liner to concrete.