Fabric Concrete Forms

Flexible fabric concrete forms allow the designer to place a layer of protective concrete in almost any position.


    • Quilted high strength polyester geotextile construction
    • Allows placement of a layer of concrete in nearly any location
    • Available with filter points to allow water movement
    • Available with cable reinforcement for extreme applications


    • Channel protection
    • Prevent erosion and scour in splash pads and outlets
    • Can be placed on geomembrane slopes for protection
    • Shoreline protection
    Fabric Concrete Forms Specifications

Product Description

Flexible fabric concrete forms allow the designer to place a hard, concrete material in locations where previously it was impossible to form concrete even underwater. The form is pumped full of a structural grout for maximum strength. Once hardened, the concrete provides permanent protection.

These systems are used for erosion protection, for protection of geomembranes, and anywhere else where a hard surface is required and concrete forming is a problem. Flexible fabric concrete forms are often used for shoreline protection where the concrete layer protects the embankments from wave and wind action.

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