Shoreline Protection at St. Lawrence Park

Erosion Control


Record high lake levels during spring and significant storm events caused frequent high-water levels along Lake Ontario shoreline, causing significant damage and erosion to shoreline infrastructure. Following a major rehabilitation of the St. Lawrence Park Mississauga boardwalk, the 750 m2 shoreline was again hit with another storm event with high water. Large waves breaking over the boardwalk stripped away the vegetation and soil recently placed during a previous rehabilitation. John George Associates and the City of Mississauga consulted with Layfield for a solution for Shoreline Protection to stabilize the soils and protect the vegetation along the boardwalk.


Layfield completed a feasibility with the engineer and recommended a Presto GEOWEB® Cellular Confinement System topped off with High-Performance TRM to stabilize the shoreline and vegetative cover. Installation of the GEOWEB® System provided a 3-dimensional confinement of sub-surface soils and was cut and tailor-fit around planters, trees, and irrigation system. It was anchored in place with 18″ rebar stakes, Atra Keys & clips. The High-Performance TRM was then used to provide permanent shoreline protection and stability to the grass root vegetation and was pinned in place with 18″ Nails/washers, then sod was rolled over the top and stapled in place.


The contractor was happy with how efficient the installation was. A follow-up inspection ten months later revealed the sod and vegetation were thriving and had securely rooted into the TRM system. The project partners are very pleased with the outcome of this solution to mitigate the damages from shoreline erosion.


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