Ball Covers

Ball covers are a simple way to deter birds, reduce evaporation, control odours, and to retain heat in ponds and tanks.


    • UV-stable plastic balls that float on the surface
    • Cover about 91% of the surface area of the liquid
    • Self-levelling and arrange to adapt to changes in water level
    • Adapt to any pond shape
    • Do not interfere with pond equipment


    • Prevent waterfowl from landing on a pond
    • Reduce evaporation and control odours
    • Help prevent the growth of algae
    • Provide some heat retention in ponds or tanks
    Ball Covers Specifications

Product Description

A ball cover is a simple and effective way to cover a pond. A ball cover is made up of a large number of small black, UV-stable plastic balls. These balls are typically 4" (100mm) in diameter and completely sealed. Lightweight balls that float on top of a water containment, usually covering 91% of the surface. As water levels rise and fall, the balls organize themselves into a cover that completely covers the surface. The cover protects the surface of the water from waterfowl preventing birds from landing in or near the water. This is one of the primary uses for ball covers, making them very popular for ponds near airports and for ponds that contain hazardous liquids.

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