Floating Tank Covers

A floating tank cover can help to control odours, reduce evaporation, and prevent dilution of the tank contents.


    • Lower cost alternative than a structural steel roof
    • Three design types for most tank cover needs
    • Cable tensioned cover for potable and process water
    • Defined sump covers for potable and process water
    • Rubber pressure dome cover for biogas tank covers


    • Potable water tanks
    • Biogas digester tanks
    • Process water tanks
    • Water treatment tanks
    • Manure tanks
    Floating Tank Covers Specifications

Product Description

Floating tank covers are used on open-topped tanks where a structural cover would be too expensive. Floating tank covers are made with flexible cover materials that can stand up to the sunlight and the chemicals found in tanks. REVOC® Tensioned Covers are ideal for tank covers. Tensioned cables take up the slack in the cover as the liquid level changes. A fold around the outside perimeter of the cover is created by the tensioned cables, which allow the cover to move up and down. The Defined Sump Cover uses floats and weights to create folds where rainwater can be collected. Dome type tank covers are a growing use for rubber cover materials in digester tanks. In this design, a rubber membrane is placed on a structural deck, and the cover is attached to the perimeter. The membrane then inflates under the pressure of biogas that is generated in the tank.

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