Above Ground Tank Liner Systems - Geomembrane

Layfield fabricates above ground storage tank liner systems from several specialty materials for most frac water containment applications.


    • One-piece drape-in liners for most frac tank sizes
    • Resistant to hydrocarbons and produced water
    • Light-colored top surface shows installation damage quickly
    • Stock sizes for fast turnarounds
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    • Sectional steel wall tanks
    • Frame tanks and other tank styles
    • Freshwater storage
    • Flowback water containment
    Above Ground Tank Liner Systems - Geomembrane Specifications

Product Description

High capacity above ground tank liner systems are increasingly being used by the upstream oil & gas sector for containment of drilling fluids associated with hydraulic fracturing operations. Layfield is recognized as a leading manufacturer and fabricator of above ground storage liner systems in North America and internationally. Our Enviro Liner series of geomembranes are highly durable and flexible materials designed to contain the combination of brine fluids and chemicals used in the fracking process. A rapidly growing trend is the use of above ground engineered water storage systems designed to hold large volumes of water. As an example, many tank systems in the market can store from 750,000 to 2,000,000 gallons of frac fluids. Layfield provides one piece prefabricated liners designed for quick installation with no seaming required on site.

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