GEOTERRA® GTO Construction Mats

Create site access fast and easy with GEOTERRA® GTO mats – the safest portable construction mats – without the need for heavy equipment to deploy or install.


    • Cost Effective
    • Fast & Easy to Mobilize
    • Strong & Durable
    • Easy on the Environment
    • Versatile use & Reuse
    • Layout Versatility


    • Temporary or long-term use
    • Access roads over soft ground/remote locations
    • Oil-drilling platforms
    • Construction site access
    • Landscape, cemetery & utility access over lawns
    •  Equipment/vehicle storage
    •  Emergency site access
    • Helipads
    GEOTERRA® GTO Construction Mats Specifications

GEOTERRA® Mats are built tough. GEOTERRA® heavy-duty HDPE construction mats support
thousands of times their own weight—yet they are light enough to install without heavy equipment. Equivalent to 12 inches of aggregate—without the hassle of cleanup.

The safest, most economical site access. Quick and easy handling, deployment without the need for
heavy placement equipment is safer for workers—less injuries and less downtime. GEOTERRA® mats are easy to remove and can be reused—offering a low life-cycle cost—and at a fraction of the cost of heavier composite HDPE and timber mats.

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