EnviroSlope Geoweb® Face

EnviroSlope® System Geoweb® Face is a steepened slope that uses Geoweb for erosion protection.


    • Geoweb facing is light weight and durable
    • Can handle significant lateral flow
    • Low maintenance if planted with native grasses
    • All-polymer construction resists corrosion and road salt


    • Vegetated steepened slopes up to 45 degrees
    • Road widening and embankment construction
    • Culvert end treatment
    • Suitable for embankment construction with fine grained soils
    EnviroSlope Geoweb® Face Specifications

Product Description

The Enviroslope® System with a Geoweb® slope cover is an economical system to create attractive vegetated reinforced soil slopes and is recommended for slopes up to 45 degrees. This system is very fast to construct compared to a geogrid wrapped face system and can proect vegetative mass on a steeper slope.  With this option, the facing material is Geoweb sections placed on the face of the geogrid reinforced slope. Depending on the design, the Geoweb® face is supported or anchored on the slope by means of tendons attached to a dead man at the crest of the slope and/or by ATRA® Anchors (stakes) on the slope. The Geoweb cells are filled with topsoil and seeded. Reinforced slope structures are usually constructed in areas to save space and protect embankments prone to severe erosion. Typically, the structure delivers advantages in right of way and reduced footprint that could not be achieved with the slope of an unreinforced embankment. Applications include highway embankment construction, landslide repair, shallow slope failures, commercial and industrial applications, decreased bridge spans, embankment construction with fine grained soils, permanent levees, reduced embankment footprints in sensitive areas, arch culvert end treatments, and residential steepened slope structures. Project specific evaluations are available for product recommendation and design.

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