GlasGrid® TF (Tack Film)

The GlasGrid® TF (Tack Film) System provides all the benefits of the GlasGrid System without the challenges of applying a conventional tack coat.


    • Requires no curing
    • Inhibits grid movement during paving
    • Allows immediate installation of hot mix overlays
    • Easy to handle and unroll
    • Fully millable and recyclable


    • Interstate highways
    • State highways/roads
    • Collector/regional roads
    • Residential/service roads
    • Residential/parking areas
    • Parking lots
    • Airport runways, taxiways and aprons
    • Ports and intermodal facilities
    GlasGrid® TF (Tack Film) Specifications

Product Description

The GlasGrid® TF (Tack Film) System provides all the benefits of GlasGrid product, but without the challenges of having to apply a conventional tack coat. With a pre-installed layer of polymer tack film, GlasGrid TF performs like the original GlasGrid System, protecting against reflective cracking while it bonds to asphalt overlays. 

Convenient installation is just one of its many benefits. Laboratory beam testing indicates that GlasGrid TF delivers five times the fatigue performance of an unreinforced asphalt section, resulting in longer life for asphalt overlays. With no tack coat emulsion to prepare and apply, owners and installers save on time, labor and material costs, increasing productivity. The elimination of a conventional tack coat also reduces VOC emissions from construction.

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