GlasPave® Paving Mat

GlasPave® Paving Mats Provide Better Performance Improve Pavement Life and Lower Overall Costs


    • Higher strength at low strain
    • Easy to install
    • Effective Moisture Barrier
    • Thermal Stability Means No Shrinkage
    • Durable


    • Interstate highways
    • State highways/roads
    • Collector/regional roads
    • Residential/service roads
    • Residential/parking areas
    • Parking lots
    • Airport runways, taxiways and aprons
    • Ports and intermodal facilities
    GlasPave® Paving Mat Specifications

Product Description

The GlasPave® Mat’s capabilities are well suited to all pavement surfaces. Its geosynthetic, non-woven polyester matrix enables an asphalt binder to fully penetrate and fill voids within the matrix, limiting the infiltration of surface moisture into the granular layers of a pavement structure, ultimately preserving the strength of these layers. The matrix design also promotes a quick, strong bond with a variety of asphaltic tack coats. And like the GlasGrid® Asphalt Reinforcement System, the GlasPave Mat performs well even in the harshest environments. For more information please contact one of our experts.

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