California Anaerobic Digesters Agricultural Wastewater Containment

LOCATION: Central Valley Region of California : Anaerobic Digesters Lagoon Systems   Project Partners: Supplier  - Layfield Geosynthetics 

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Layfield USA recently completed the installation of four anaerobic digester lagoon systems in the Central Valley region of California. These were positive pressure designed digesters averaging 215,000 ft2 (20,000 m2) in size. The project scope included the installation of a double-lined system, piping including inlet, outlet, sludge removal, leak detection, perimeter gas collection piping, mechanical mixers, and baffle curtains. After completing the double liner system, the ponds were filled, and an 80 mil (2.00 mm) HDPE cover was welded in sections on-site and then floated into place. Testing of the liner systems included using Layfield’s Vacuum Acoustic Leak Identification method (VALID), developed explicitly for double-lined systems. The VALID system tests both the primary and secondary liners simultaneously using a single survey. The geomembrane and geonet products required were manufactured and supplied by Layfield.
Anaerobic digesters are increasingly being used in the agricultural industry by food processors, integrated growers, and intensive livestock producers as a viable method of treating their produced wastewater. In addition, these digesters provide an important sustainable solution for reducing carbon in our environment. The methane produced by these digesters is an important alternative energy source and can be further used for biomethane fuels and electricity generation for utilities, producers, and consumers.
Layfield Geosynthetics is a vertically integrated company involved in the manufacturing, fabrication, and construction services of geomembranes, floating covers, and specialty geosynthetics. Layfield increasingly partners with owners, engineers, and geomembrane installers for the supply and installation of its geosynthetic products used in civil construction and environmental containment.