Enviro Liner 6000 - Irrigation Containment

LOCATION: Stouffville, ON  TIMEFRAME: February 2004 SCOPE OF WORK: Winter installation of 18,000m2 EnviroLiner 6030 for irrigation reservoir PROJECT PARTNERS: Owners: Clublink Contractor: Hamilton Construction Material Supplier: Layfield Environmental

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Project Details

The client had a large irrigation reservoir that had to be ready for the start of thegolfing season meaning the project had tobe installed during winter.  Layfield installed over 18,000 m2 (194,000 ft/2) of Enviro Liner 6030 in 8 days during February 2004.  Enviro Liner 6030 was the choice for its UV durability, flexibility, and the ability to pre-fabricated large factory made panels reducing field seams and installation time.  Because of its excellent UV resistance, Enviro Liner 6030 has an exposed service life on par with  HDPE.  Also, Enviro Liner 6030 is ideally suited to cold temperature installations and is flexible in temperatures that would make it difficult to install other lining materials.

Enviro Liner is a full containment product manufactured, fabricated and installed by the Layfield Group.