Enviro Liner 6000 - Suncor Temporary Secondary Containment Systems

LOCATION: Fort McKay, Alberta Canada TIMEFRAME: June 2008 to present SCOPE OF WORK: Temporary Secondary Containment System with Enviroliner PROJECT PARTNERS / OWNER: Suncor Energy ( former Petro Canada site ) CLIENT: Suncor Energy MATERIAL SUPPLIER: Layfield

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Suncor Energy had a requirement for temporary secondary containment systems for their Ft. McKay facility in northern Alberta. These containment systems would be used for chemical totes and chemical cleaning units including trucks on their facility. In order to capture any potential leaks or spills, a secondary system is required by Directive 55 in Alberta. Suncor requested a secondary containment system that is easy to set-up, sturdy, can handle the rigors of severe winter weather and is cost effective.


Layfield recommended using EL 6030 as a liner material. EL 6030 has outstanding chemical and hydrocarbon resistance, durability and a proprietary UV inhibitor /anti oxidant additive package making this one of the most advanced geomembranes on the market.
These custom liners are fabricated to meet Suncor’s variable size requirements. The functional design included pockets made into the liner that are 5 inches wide by 12 inches deep. In these pockets L brackets were inserted to give the containment system its stability and ease of construction. Weights were occasionally deployed on these brackets for additional stability. These systems are easily transported, easy to set-up, rugged and very cost effective. Also, when the system has completed its service it can be easily disposed of in a Class 3 Landfill.


Suncor has been using these secondary containment systems for over 3 years. They order various sizes on a regular basis. They are very happy with the ease of ordering, set up and disposal of these systems. Their alternative is to purchase containment insta -berms that require cleaning, storage, and are very expensive. Since January 2010 Suncor has order 111 of these systems.